About Us

Cocochi Labo is providing an one-stage-up glorious lifestyle,
bringing in all kind of people in this world bounded altogether.

With our business spirit of making every individual life be able to
obtain a worldwidely view of things as well as a sensible of value,
which would not take over one’s exist components but enable to create
such lifestyle from our tremendous flexible and boundless creative ideas.

With the leads of COCOCHI CEO Toshishige KAWAUCHI,
its business territory meanwhile,
expands to those Asian countries besides Japan also Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Taiwan, Malaysia, Uganda.

Our work performance highlights spreaded to Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia,
Singapore, Dubai, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Ethiopia etc.

We are more than professional to support every our potential client for its next marketing developing plan focused
between Cambodia and Japan, what’s more, to make it work smoothly.


Planning, Designs, Coordinating,
Landscape-Design, Produces,
Construction Management,
Town Produce & Regional Vitalization,
Real Estate & Product Planning in Residential & Commercial Area

Interior Design

Living spaces, Designs for Shops,
Interior Business Coordinating
Interior/Garden Construction,
Furniture Manufacture/Retail,
Online Sales

Commercial Design

Visual Design, Branding,
Business Promotion, WEB Design,
Animation/Video Produce

Global Business

Outbounding Service for International Clients


Medical Care & Welfare,
Management Support for Companies in Architecture,
Interior, Design Category

Multiple Language Support Service

(Japanese, English, Cambodian Khmer Language,
Mandarin incl. Traditional/Simplified Chinese,
German, Vietnamese)


Our works are based in overseas countries (Asia/Africa, etc).
We involved in architecture and interior design/planning/site supervision.

Our introduction video is recently accomplished! We are experienced and
provide business know-hows in the field of overseas architectural design/construction.

Our services include project planning, design for all kind,
and overseas construction project management.

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